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December 20, 2007



kudos with the new updates! New shelf looks fantastic and the interaction with my books is even easier than before.

keep it up guys!

Peter G

Don't like the changes.
Needlessly complicated and don't work.
I'm also sick of re-inserting widgets into my Web pages.

Peter G

I forgot to add - I can't get some of the darn things (Widgets) to work now.

Mike W

A lot of the books I have on my bookshelf do not have images, and there is an "add book cover" button that I am trying to figure out how to get it to work. Can I drag and drop .jpg images or what?


Tisa B

It's a nice idea, but doesn't work well at all on my Mac w/ Firefox 2.0. The books don't show up on the shelf, and/or they don't show up where they're supposed to. They're not on the shelves, and neither the categories are invisible on the left side of the bookcase until you click.
I'm new to Shelfari, and I'm finding it very frustrating, though it looks better than goodreads, where I have hundreds of books and more friends. I'd like to use both, as I'm an author, but...



How do I add my personalized shelf?
For example there are books which I started but simply could not finish - I wanted to add a shelf "Couldn't Read". How do I do that?

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