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November 07, 2007


Jigar Mehta

Thats cool!
Congratulations guys on joining Shelfari.. Though there are lots of similar sites that provides this functionality, I still love to stick with shelfari.. but it really needs re-design of interface at some places! I hope new design will be awesome!



Hey Josh, look at yourself in a mirror and say you are proud to steal goodreads and librarything in a so elegant way.


We've heard this before. The last time you were given the benefit of the doubt, you continued on with the spamming and even deleted comments in this blog that exposed your spamminess.

Genuine remorse? I doubt it. Not even an "it was wrong we won't do it again" straightforward admission. Instead, we get more vague, waffly, boilerplate exhortations to "check out" new designs (i.e. attempts to change the subject).

All very PR, and all very phony.

David Wright

Nowhere here do you address the real issue, which is your actual practices. Redisign the invitation? Stop pretending to be responsive when you know very well that you aren't. This is so disingenuous.


Hi guys, this may not be very relative to the article.. but it would be very nice if you could look into the current situation with all the stats showing 0. It's been like this for 2 days now.
Other than this problem that has occurred a few times so far, I'm very happy with Shelfari [and I did give a try to similar websites, but I still like Shelfari a lot better]. Thank you and keep up the great job.


Hi...this not be relative to the article... but could you explain for me what does "reading List" mean? is this mean "the books that I've read, or I'm reading" ?

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