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February 28, 2007


Scott Yates

Congratulations! I hope you got more than the $9,000 it took to build the first version of the site!


congrats guys! always good to see yet another seattle startup making big strides.


judy's book hyperlink is linked to kelly smith's blog

Marcelo Calbucci

Congratulations. This is fantastic news. It is good to see other companies in Seattle getting funded for their innovation.



Congrats! Your site looks great.


Great news, the site is superb and the idea unique and worth exploring. DO make sure that funding goes to makinhg the site more reliable. mne and 5 of my friend who have joined cannot log in at all, IE6 gives an error 7 and firefox simply does nothing when clicking login...it does not help when you tell people the site is great (which it is) I'd love to get in and add to my shelf, but I can't log in at all :-(

More people should be funding you and hopefully in the future a link can be achieved with Amazon wish list and books marked as owned so it can be passed on to my shelf as well as this not being limited to the US store (i.e UK store as well)



Now if only I could import my Amazon purchase history directly onto my shelf...

Pat Bitton

Love the concept and also would be interested in importing amazon.con purchasing history.


I would like to bring back (?) the upload your own image feature.. is anybody else as crazy about images as I am? lol

Love the site!


yea...erm...gratz....on your stuff dudes....LOL...anyway i am like new here....duh...

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